Kraslesinvest, JSC pursues strict policy of sustainable forest management.

Over the years of its reforestation activities, the company has planted 4,100 kg of forest plant seeds on the territory of 4000 ha. Fire protection activities covered the territory of 88,000 ha.

The company created 3,782 km of fire barriers and control lines,

constructed 31 helicopter pads, created 34 fire fighting ponds, built 161 special  places for rest in the forest.

381,293.5 thousand rubles were spent for forest reforestation in the period from 2007 to 2017.

Among other steps,”Kraslesinvest” plans to create the Seed center for the cultivation of coniferous seedlings with a closed root system.

Kraslesinvest, as a responsible nature user, is working to restore the population of valuable fish species in the Angara river.

In September 2018, 1041 Siberian sturgeon fry were released into the river.

Kraslesinvest purchased sturgeons for artificial reproduction of aquatic biological resources from the Yenisei branch of Glavrybvod. The genetic material passed the examination in the Federal state budgetary institution “VNIRPO” on the belonging of the gene pool to the Yenisei population. Each individual is assigned a passport. Fry included in the register of breeding herds of aquaculture. This means that each individual can reproduce the population exactly in the conditions where it was released.

Activities for artificial reproduction of aquatic biological resources are carried out by Kraslesinvest in order to compensate the damage caused to aquatic biological resources and their habitat as a result of unloading of wood from the water on the left bank of the Angara river. This site is used by the enterprise under the Agreement signed with the Ministry of ecology and environmental management of the Krasnoyarsk territory.