Social politics


Currently, 1,100 employees work for the company. The majority of them reside in Boguchansky District. The company implements a program of professional education and development as well as a mentor program. The employees have an opportunity to complete employer-sponsored training and get a state-recognized diploma confirming the profession and skill category. Rotation workers have rotational allowance and paid vacation between rotation shifts. Children of the employees receive New Year gifts. The policy includes all warranties and compensations: hardship-duty pay, additional paid vacation for work in the regions equated to the conditions of Extreme North.


Kraslesinvest supports the development of hockey in Boguchansky District. The company bought and constructed a modern rink and stands in the town of Boguchany where all district competitions take place. Both children and adult’s hockey teams now have the opportunity to train at a higher level. In the frameworks of the professional development and training program, the company makes major efforts in the area of occupational guidance for schoolchildren and young people.

Together with specialized educational institutions, the company organizes the Forestry Profession Festival, performs regular guided tours to the sawmill and holds meetings with schoolchildren and their parents. Together with the Department of Education of Boguchansky District, Kraslesinvest creates the School of Forestry. The company has participated in the Woodwork category of the Worldskills international competition as a sponsor and observer.

The company supports the nursing home for the elderly and the disabled in the village of Pinchuga and renders targeted aid to multi-child families and veterans. In 2018, the company supported public initiatives providing lumber to repair floors and playgrounds in the «Sosenka» kindergarten, to build a playground in the village of Boguchany and to build sidewalks and repair the kindergarten fence in the village of Pinchuga. Kraslesinvest widely participates in different events in Boguchansky District, such as Angarian Forest Worker contest, 90th anniversary of Boguchansky District, traditional ski race in the village of Nevonka, and Angarian Ukha fishermen championship and other …